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[Lingo] らっしゃる

steve smith writes:

 >      I'm sorry to hear that you are still in the hospital.
 >     《レ》まだ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2

してらっしゃる is an abbreviation of していらっしゃる.

 > First, how would I ask my friend "are you still in Europe?"

If it's really a friend and you're not a pretentious Tokyo female,


鼈阨趙 粹\xAE  梱\xA9  膚 籙\xF5 ĥ鱚\xAA \xE1 頏續緕拄阨\xF3 夬譎\xEF 聽轣跂 瘤箝闥 抅\xE5
鞳鴦闔 蜩逾\xF4 鱚瘡踟 \xE1 胙蜈鈔 碯\xF4 鱇抅纈 蜩 \xE1 聲迚跚癇 ≅纒紜\xAC


蜩 抅\xE5 竟跚扖 燾\xF9 捃 癈覡

 \xBE 忻彿堤笏 葹\xF3 瘤 緕揥\xF9 肬\xF2 らっしゃる

That's a new one on me.

 > Is 「いらっしゃる」 a conjugation of いる・ある?

Not a conjugation.  It's an irregular polite (keigo) equivalent to

 > In the first example 「まだ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2 犛癆 癇\xE5 「と 
 > の」

「と」is a particle used for indicating quotation (among other things)
and is often used as an abbreviation for 「という」 and itself has an
abbreviated or informal form 「って」.  「のこと」can be loosely
translated as [that] "kind of thing".  So an idiomatic rendering might
be something like "I hear [gather] you're still in the hospital.
Sounds tough!"

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