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Re: [Lingo] もにのあわる

On 04/04/2008, steven smith <> wrote:

> Many of the Japanese films seem [to be imbued with a tragic sense of life] to me.
> The classics that pop to mind are Kurasawa's "7 Samurai" and Ozu's "Late
> Spring" and "Tokyo Story"

For the anti-pattern, try Kurosawa's "Ikiru". It is not for everyone,
but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

> Even comedies like Ramen tend to end on a sad note.  Maybe I'm just used to
> American films where there is almost always a happy ending.

I find that a lot of non-Hollywood-system films tend to have endings
that are more natural to the story. Any ending that ties up all the
loose ends neatly in 15 minutes almost certainly kills the story
(which is why the end to LOTR is so long and bittersweet).

You want a well-done films with happy yet natural endings, try
Miyazaki's stuff on for size.


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