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Re: [Lingo] So happy I cried... writing japanese words

>> Are there really 4 valid ways to write うれしなき with うれ し泣き being
>> the most popular but 嬉泣 being also very popular.
> Depends on who you ask.  If you ask a real linguist they'll say yes.

I'm a real linguist and actually we don't care :-)

> It says that there's actually a government standard that prescribes
> the connecting kana.  <monomane geinojin="Dave Barry">I am *still* not
> kidding.</monomane>

In a language like Japanese where written forms can be so fluid (kinda
strange, actually, in a culture which is in other ways so infuriatingly
conservative about writing), it's not a bad thing, I think, to have
government standards on such topics.  It might help with searching,
for example.... at least in gov't documents.


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