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Re: [Lingo] One Last Thing ... (was CJK Setup)

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 09:34:44PM -0700, Keith Bawden wrote:

> >On 17/07/07, Scott Robbins <> wrote:
> >
> >> It's why, unlike many, I don't use gmail for mailing lists.  It will not
> >> give you copies of your post to a mailing list, and they consider it a
> >> feature despite the fact that no one seems to want it.

> >>
> I agree at first I was miffed at this, and thought it was odd.
> However, I quite like it now. When I view a thread in my inbox gmail
> will also display my posts within the thread (or in google speak the
> "conversation").

It probably works better (judging from people's comments) for those who
use the web mail interface.  I use gmail in conjunction with mutt,
however, so I seldom check the web interface.  Therefore, if I post to a
list and no one responds, I would have to go the list's archives to make
sure that my pearls of wisdom were seen.  

Ah well, it should be my worst problem in life.  :)  I still find it
annoying, and last time I looked, the fact that they don't do it is not
an easy thing to find.  (Which is how this subject first came up, the OP
wondered why it was happening.)  It was a common enough question on some
beginner's mailing lists that I added it to a faq for those lists. 


Scott Robbins

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