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RE: [Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2)

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Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 12:25 PM
To: Natural language discussion
Subject: Re: [Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2)

>Ryokai.  This will be my last post from G-mail's online page. 
>Assisting with my CJK problem would >also help expedite 
>the solution ... and my post is languishing on the TLUG side, 
>right now ... so I'd better convert it to plain text and repost,
>I suppose.  

The original posting over there should look ok.
The issue is that the line on the left side to
denote a quoted section does not show up in plain
text.  > at the start of the line is more standard. :)

I don't use Gmail, so I don't know the settings
for it, but I imagine there is a check box somewhere
or a dropdown menu.  ^_^

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