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Re: [Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2) wrote:

The original posting over there should look ok.
The issue is that the line on the left side to
denote a quoted section does not show up in plain
text.  > at the start of the line is more standard. :)

It has been my experience that Thunderbird converts the line to a caret automatically going in and out.

I don't use Gmail, so I don't know the settings
for it, but I imagine there is a check box somewhere
or a dropdown menu.  ^_^

It's a _bit_ more complex, but not much. I am replying to your post only because your encoding signals come through differently than Keith's probably based on my choices of font for different language encodings. Just taking a belt and suspenders approach to solving the problem.

If this and the reply to Keith have not fixed the problem that bunched everyone's shorts, please advise. And, once again, abject apologies for forgetting about HTML vs plain text.


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