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Re: [Lingo] Re: Archives should now handle 日本語、English, и Бьлгарски / Русский

Josh Glover wrote:
On 02/07/07, Godwin Stewart <> wrote:

On Sun, 1 Jul 2007 23:21:56 +0900, "Pietro Zuco" <>

> > Greek and Thai were either side of the Nepalese, and Malayalam was
> > at the bottom after the Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew.
> And what about Elfish language characters? ;-)

Sindarin or Quenya? :)

Are these actually in Unicode? I know I've seen Sindarin and Quenya fonts, as well as Dwarvish runes, Black Speech, etc. back in the day, but I think they just mapped to ASCII.

What about Klingon?

A few years back I saw Damian Conway give a presentation in which he had a program written in Klingon using the Linga Perl Module. This discusses the module and programming in Klingon. Unfortunately he uses the Klingon equivalent of romaji instead of Klingon text. At least Klingon syntax is discussed.
Maybe this was pre perl 5.6 and we didn't handle UTF-8 yet.

There is discussion of Klingon fonts in both Truetype and Postscript Type 1 on the Klingon Language Institute web site at, but they don't mention what font encoding they uses.

I didn't find anything about elves, dwarves or any of the other middle-earth languages though...

Surely as diverse as hTLUG is, there must be some Klingon's or Elvish members!

Steve S.

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