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Re: [Lingo] Re: Kanji tools [Re: rhetorical form ]


I have the XD-SW6400 and can vouch for it. I still have yet to find a
good dictionary that is modern enough to do a good job on slang words.

While it isn't an electronic dictionary, Taishuukan's recent book "みんなで国語辞典!"[1] is a nice overview of words that are popular right now. It's divided into sections like "若者のことば" and "ネット・メールのことば" but unfortunately it lacks an index, so you can't really look stuff up when you come across it. And while it's based on usage examples sent in from readers, I suspect that some of it will be outdated by the end of the year. Still a nice read on the subway though.

The "漢検DS"(kanken DS) is very good for learning Kanji during long
commutes, They have some older Kanji words. I hear "never seen it" from
my wife, but it's pretty good all the same.

There is also one not affiliated with the kanken, called "なぞっておぼえる 大人の漢字練習", which is pretty good. It doesn't force you to do things on time and gives you helpful stroke order animations.


Kim Ahlström

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