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Re: [Lingo] Re: Kanji tools [Re: rhetorical form ]

On Wed, 2007-06-27 at 11:42 +0900, Kim Ahlström wrote:
> 2007/6/27, steve smith <>:
> > Does anyone have an electronic dictionary they'd recommend.
> >  Is there anything that comes anywhere near the
> > functionality of WWWJDIC?

> dictionaries, then Casio's XD-GW6800 and XD-SW6400 are pretty good
> value right now at BIC, 27900 yen and 29900 yen each (if I remember
> correctly), with a campagin (that was current as of the day before
> yesterday) of 20% points on an electronic dictionary purchase.
I have the XD-SW6400 and can vouch for it. I still have yet to find a
good dictionary that is modern enough to do a good job on slang words. 

I still use WWWJDIC and:
when I get stuck
> If you have a Nintendo DS and want something simple with pen input,
> then i recommend taking a look at the "Nintendo sono mama DS rakubiki
> jiten". 
The ”漢検DS"(kanken DS) is very good for learning Kanji during long
commutes, They have some older Kanji words. I hear "never seen it" from
my wife, but it's pretty good all the same.

Dave (the other dave)

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