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Re: rhetorical form [was: Re: [Lingo] you have got to be kidding]

On 26/06/07, Niels Kobsch├Ątzki <> wrote:

Best way to learn it though it seems to be is to use an old-fashioned
paper-based dictionary. At least it's my feeling that you will
remember kanji more easily which you had to search the hard way ;)

I agree to some degree. The paper dictionary enforces the discipline that I use, but it is possible to get all the advantages using rikaichan.

Here's my technique:

I read emails or web pages with rikaichan switched on but my hand off
the mouse. I try to read as much as I can, and only when I get stumped
do I mouseover and get the tooltip lookup. The cost of taking my hand
off the keyboard and onto the mouse, then locating the mouse pointer
and moving over the word in question is high enough that I don't want
to do it.

rikaichan, like a calculator, can be a crutch, but if used properly,
it can be quite a powerfull aid.


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