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Re: [Lingo] remembering japanese words

On 13/06/07, Scott Robbins <> wrote:

Write letters.  If it's too embarrassing to write to a friend, because
he'll snicker at your Japanese, write to an imaginary friend--or, write
to a friend in your own country, but in Japanese. (You don't have to
send it, just write it.)

Very good idea.

Again, I am coming from a background in university-level Japanese
language instruction, but one thing that helped a lot was writing 作文
(essays). We were assigned 作文 every couple of days. At first, they
were really simple things like describing a room (「部屋
の中に窓があります。窓の左側に机があります。机の上にスタンドがあります。机の下に猫がいます。。」), but they grew in
complexity as we learned new grammar and words.

The main idea is to use the words you are learning in as many
different ways are you can, thus building those neural networks.

This can, in my humble opinion as one of the least fluent speakers
on this list, be helpful.

Yeah right. ;)

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