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Re: [Lingo] remembering japanese words

On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 04:18:49PM -0700, steven smith wrote:
> Hi
> I'm struggling with memorizing Japanese words.  The only
> classes offered at the local JC are conversation, so not
> much help with reading/writing.

Write letters.  If it's too embarrassing to write to a friend, because
he'll snicker at your Japanese, write to an imaginary friend--or, write
to a friend in your own country, but in Japanese. (You don't have to
send it, just write it.)

One thing that I found really helped me, both in speaking and writing,
was to have imaginary conversations.  When I found something I
didn't know how to say, I would learn it.  

Reading a relatively simple book about something that interests you
might also help.  For example, I used several martial arts books.  The
downside was that I could show off that I could write keru, to kick and
none of my Japanese friends could, but, like keru, many of the words I
learned were only useful in martial arts.  

The idea with letter writing and imaginary conversations is that you 
find what words you'll be using in your every day life.  
This can, in my humble opinion as one of the least fluent speakers 
on this list, be helpful. 


Scott Robbins

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