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[Lingo] remembering japanese words


I'm struggling with memorizing Japanese words.  The only
classes offered at the local JC are conversation, so not
much help with reading/writing.

I'm using a memorization program (Mnemosyne) and adding the
vocabulary from the classes in both Kanji and Hiragana along
with the English meaning.  For some reason the Kanji sticks
better than the pronounciation.  I can go from Kanji to
English Meaning and vice-versa more easily than from
hiragana to English.

What I'm wondering is if I can use onyomi and kunyomi to
simplify this process.

I already did "Remembering the Kanji" and that helped with
remembering the kanji, but it doesn't help with words.  I
started with "Remembering the Kanji II" but didn't get far.

What works?  Is it necessary or useful to memorize the
onyomi/kunyomi as well as the kanji?

Steve S.

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