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Re: [Lingo] Re: [tlug] Correct particle to use

On Jun 12, 2007, at 6:03 AM, Keith Bawden wrote:

> 本を読める

I asked the Japanese bloke who sits next to me at work and he said that hon ga/o yomeru are interchangeable and that he cannot explain the difference. I then went and asked two other Japanese here and they both said the same thing.

This all leaves me not knowing the difference at all.

Well, fun-with-japanese101 ;)
Happens to me quite often with my tandem partner (being in Germany there are not that many possibilities to speak Japanese at time) - if you have not a linguist or a translator with real good theoretical knowledge available it happens all the time
But hey - there are languages were it is even worse because nobody made a good theoretical analysis of the language…


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