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Re: [Lingo] [NL] Word order

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006 13:16:41 +0200, David Stibbe gmail
<> wrote:

> How long ave you been studying Dutch

About 14 months now.

> and what motivated you to start such a study ?

First of all, curiosity. I spoke reasonable German - past tense because
I have come to realize that my Dutch is now better than my German - and
saw that I could understand some of the stuff on signposts and in
newspapers when I was in Flanders, so I wanted to know more about the
language. I later discovered that knowing German could be a curse in
some circumstances, especially when dealing with word order, which is
similar but certainly not identical!

Secondly, there is a huge "colony" of Dutch in this part of the world
(Loire valley, West-central France). Once I get proficient enough in
Dutch I'm going to offer translation services. I already do
translations from Flemish/Dutch to English and French (my latest
translation is of notes accompanying a CD of 18th century harpsichord
music by Fiocco and Balbastre played by my friend Ewald Demeyere that
should be available from Accent records shortly) but don't yet feel
anywhere near confident enough to translate *into* Dutch. You really
have to be almost fluent in the target language before you can even
dream of providing translation services on a professional basis.

G. Stewart -

Recorded message on an answerphone: "This is not an answering machine, 
this is a telepathic thought-recording device. After the tone, think
about your name, your number, and your reason for calling.... and I'll
think about returning your call."

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