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Re: [Lingo] Grizzles (Was: Re: - Japanese grammar database)

On Wed, 06 Sep 2006 16:13:08 +1000, Jim Breen
<> wrote:

> Is this better?  (Trying a different client. I think it has 
> left the "In-Reply-To", but I can't see any "References".)

Much better.

The References: header is less important in e-mail than in usenet. If
an In-Reply-To: header is missing from a reply then your MUA should
fall back onto the References: header to try and reconstruct the thread.

You've also got rid of that nasty Reply-To: header while you were at it.

G. Stewart -

Real programmers don't write in FORTRAN.  FORTRAN is for pipe stress
freaks and crystallography weenies.  FORTRAN is for wimp engineers who
wear white socks.

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