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Re: tlug: Gnome virtual desktops

"Scott M. Stone" <> wrote,
> On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, Dennis McMurchy wrote:
> > tonight (12 secs), until I discovered that I can no longer scroll
> > between desktops by just moving the mouse - I have to use the pager.  I
> > wouldn't mind so much if I could just find the bloody setting to put
> > things back the way they were.   I can't, of course, and I would
> > appreciate it very much if someone would point me in the right
> > direction.     
> which window manager?  Enlightenment?  heh :)

If it is really Enlightenment, you can set the "edge
resistance" by

  * click middle mouse button on the desktop background,
  * select Settings,
  * select Virtual Desktop Settings, and
  * adjusting the slider.

(This is Enlightenment 0.16, for 0.15 go into the
Enlightenment Config dialog and selected the virtual desktop 

You can also slide around the virtual desktop using
ALT-SHIFT-<arrow keys>.

> > with a browser 
> > that just crashes on all sorts of pages, 
> It was the same browser you have now.  Only difference is that the pages
> that crash (mainly Java, yes?) hadn't been made yet and/or you were using
> an ancient Netscape that didn't do Java at all...

Using Netscape with Java and Javascript turned on (which is
the default of course :-/  just calls for trouble.  So
switch it off.

> > and a window manager (?) that
> > is about as flakey as you-know-what.  Where the hell are we going
> > with this?  I used to be proud to recommend Linux to people, but I
> > really can't anymore. Does anyone else have this same horrible feeling?
> Actually, W95's window manager is pretty stable.  It's the underlying
> stuff that gives trouble.  However, I'd suggest not using Enlightenment if
> you can help it.  I know that WindowMaker is officially gnome-compliant as
> well, and Afterstep 1.6 seems to at least pretend to be, although you have
> to configure it by hand (AS == fvwm++ :) ).

If your are using Enlightenment, upgrade to E 0.16, but
anyway, E is in _deep_ beta - so, WindowMaker, as Scott
suggests, is much more stable.

Linux is what you make out of it, if you want all the fancy
stuff, your are a beta tester and your gonna feel that; if
you want stability, use the apps that have a longer history
(and maybe even a version number higher than 0.999).

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