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RE: tlug: Why use Linux? (was: Caldera)

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott M Stone <> writes:

    Scott> On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

    >> My two-year-old likes Linux better (Mom doesn't have a Pikachu
    >> screen-saver yet)

    Scott> If you have a linux-based pikachu screen saver, I *must*
    Scott> have that.

Well, it's a screen saver in the sense that if Pikachu is displaying
on the (color) notebook screen, there are no fingerprints on the
(mono) Sparc screen.

Un(?)fortunately, I don't have the GIF (I use xv -root -9 or something
like that to display it, there's also an animated version) on this
box, so I won't turn TLUG into a binary newsgroup today.  But you
should be able to find all the GIFs or PNGs you need to make your own
xv-based screen-saver with a quick web search.  :-)

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