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Re: tlug: printer voodoo

On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 04:39:34PM +0900, John Seebach wrote:

> I'm trying to figure out a way to print (via ghostscript, because I don't
> think that these are postscript printers) to one of two printers, both of
> which are hooked up to windows machines at present. I can't find / don't
> know where to find a ghostscript filter for either of them.
> The printers are:
> Epson LP-9000
> Epson LP-8400

I don't know these printers, but I did get Ghostscript working on an old
Japan-market LP-2000 once.  If you can, get ahold of a manual for each of
them, and see what protocols they speak.  "ESC-P" was an Epson-specific
graphics language that I used on the LP-2000, for which there was a driver
in the then-current Japanese-local Ghostscript.  That was five or six
years ago.

If you find that you can use a common protocol, the next step is to see
how to switch the printer over to use it -- whether it recognizes the
nature of a data stream automagically, or needs some switch-over sequence
to kick it into the correct mode.  If you have to, you can splice that
sequence into your data stream before shipping it all out to the printer.

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