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Re: tlug: Caldera Japanese version (Clearification)

"Scott M. Stone" <> wrote,

> On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> >     >> I'm beginning to think Caldera just doesn't get it.  Their
> >     >> "available to anybody no-redistribution beta" program including
> >     >> GPLed software, Windows-style "last OS you'll ever have the
> >     >> nerve to install" installers....
> > 
> >     Marc> I don't know what you're saying here.
> > 
> > Windows-style installers, you've confirmed.  It may be a good
> > marketing strategy to catch Windows users, and I suppose that's a good 
> > thing.  But I won't recommend them to my mother (still a Windows user).
> would you recommend that your mother reinstall Windows, either?  I think
> that Windows is getting off pretty easy in this whole argument,
> considering that most people never need to deal with its installer.  Linux
> gets this bad rap (and fBSD too) for being hard to use due to the
> installer, but... 
> Now, if you had a system with Linux preinstalled on it and you tried to
> *add Windows* to it, I think that would be significantly more difficult
> than the normal way of adding Linux to a Windows system... opinions?

You are perfectly right - the only OS install that I ever
gave up, because it just didn't work was...surprise...a
Windows install.  It was just too difficult to get the right
drivers and the documentation sucks.  (It was just to play a
game and after a couple of hours, I was fed up and installed
Linux all over the harddisk - which installed without

IMHO, everybody who considers todays Linux distributions
difficult to install has never installed any other OS and
just has no idea what they are talking about.  Of course,
there is the occasional trouble with strange hardware, but
that (a) usually doesn't prevent the install, but just the
use of some peripherals and (b) it happens with any other
OS, too.  Overall, Linux definitely supports the broadest
range of hardware (Windows doesn't even run on any other
processor than i386 - what a joke).


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