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Re: tlug: Netscape 4.07 Muriyari

It seems OK with the Laser5 browser (which, BTW, I have now discovered to
be 4.51 Muriyari).  This browser displays Japanese text correctly, including
in textarea boxes.  I can't recall if 4.08 Muriyari was OK on this, but
I do remember having the problems you describe with older Muriyari

Are many of your viewers going to be using 4.07 Muriyari (I hope not!)?
If they are, one thing you might want to do is put a small notice on your
top page that describes the problems known to happen with 4.0x Muriyari
and links to:

1) Download Laser5's 4.51 binary
2) To the Japanese and English Muriyari pages, for those not using
   RPM-based systems or who would just prefer to build their own.

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Frank Bennett (フランクべネット ) ( wrote:

> I am working on a CGI that needs to display a scrollable block of Japanese
> text to users.  I have Netscape 4.07 Muriyari installed at the moment. 
> This browser doesn't understand the OBJECT directive, but I've written
> the code to fall back to TEXTAREA in that case.  Here, I run afoul of
> a glitch that I'd encountered before; Japanese text (EUC encoding) does
> not seem to display in TEXTAREA widgets with this browser.  It's there,
> because I can see it in the source, and the cursor stays put as I move it
> over where the Japanese text should be.  But nothing shows on the display. 
> Is there a way around this (wrong encoding?), or do I just hope that the
> Laser5 Netscape works better?
> If anyone wants to take a look at the problem CGI, it's at:
> Go to "List of Projects", then "Code of Civil Procedure", then click on
> any of the provisions or headings to get the editing display.  If your
> browser understands the OBJECT directive, you'll just get an error,
> because the file it calls for isn't in place yet.
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