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tlug: Netscape 4.7 (muriyari)

Dear all,

I learned from Jonathan that a newer Netscape version will permit me to
view the pages I mentioned earlier.  Since I'm their developer, this is
kind of important :)  So ... I went to what I think was the Muriyari site,
found a link to English Netscape 4.7 and a Japanese patch kit (by
Ota-san), downloaded them, unpacked them, and ran into trouble. 

"ldd ./netscape" shows a missing library:  => not found

I tried searching on AltaVista for this; it turned up the refuse of some
other people's searches for the same library, but no links to the real

I tried linking my existing libstdc++ ( to this, but
there were undefined symbols.  Might this be another name for 2.9.0?  I
can't believe that I'm out in front on this one; this must be common
knowledge that I've missed.  Can anyone point me at an RPM or other Linux
binary image of this library, or should I back up and try a different
Netscape version?

Many thanks,
Frank G Bennett, Jr         @@
Faculty of Law, Nagoya Univ () email:
Tel: +81[(0)52]789-2239     () WWW:

Next Technical Meeting: TBA, January, 2000.  Place: Temple Univ.

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