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Re: tlug: Java in Netscape

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Dennis McMurchy wrote:

>   I'm sure there's been lots of discussion about this, but I haven't
> noticed any during the half a year or so when I'm plugged into the list.
> I had noticed that Netscape occasionally - I don't browse a lot - 
> crashes and burns on some pages.  It was only this morning, when this
> happened twice in a row, that I finally noticed that it's a Java-related
> thing.  I can't remember having this kind of problem with my old 
> installation (which was certainly Java-capable), but I don't remember
> off-hand what I might have done myself to set up the Java capability.
> Can someone fill me in, or point me to a good source of info on this?
> I'm using whatever Netscape it is that comes standard with RH6.0.

A lot of these problems were cleared up by using the glibc version of
Netscape as opposed to the libc5 version.  However, the glibc version adds
its own set of wrinkles to the sea otter that is Netscape.  I've had it
crash not only on java pages, but on username/password input boxes as
well.  For example, at least half the time I try to log into Cisco's site
with my smartnet account, it will go foo and dump core, which pisses me
off since I then have to use my Windows box to log into Cisco's site..

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Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

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