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Re: tlug: pine newsreader question

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Jim Tittsler wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 14, 1999 at 02:29:55PM +0900, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> > OK, I'm using pine to try to read news.  My news server requires a
> > username/password combo to access it.  pine insists on using 'sstone' as
> > the username, and *will not let me change this value* -- only enter a
> > password.  Problem is, my earthlink account is 'ss8913', not 'sstone'.  Is
> > there any way to make it let me change the news username?  I went through
> Yes.  Create what Pine calls a "collection" with a Server: line like
> Server:
> It will prompt you for ss8913's password.
> If you are using Pine 4.xx, you can set up collections from the
> collectionList menu of the main Setup menu.

ok, that "works", but... I can read the newsgroups, but when I try to post
a followup, it asks for sstone's password again.. sigh.  patch time?

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