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Re: tlug: Problems with kinput2

On Sat, Nov 13, 1999 at 10:58:26AM +0900, Dennis McMurchy wrote:
>   The problem is not input and kanji conversion itself, which appears
> to be OK, but 'special' key combinations like <F5> for JIS code entry,
> Meta+1 for katakana conversion, Shift+Esc for symbol entry.  None
> of these work at all (although <F3> seems to work like <F5> should).

I hope that someone who knows better will correct me if (er, when), I'm
wrong, but I think the problem may be with the way you have wnn setup, not
kinput2. I use canna, not wnn, but all of my 'special' keys are setup in my
.canna file. 

I think (and I'm likely wrong) that kinput2 only handles the communication
between the client application (say, kterm) and the conversion engine (wnn
or canna), and acts as a front-end. 

>   I do hope someone has some ideas about this.  I'm quite thoroughly
> fed up with the whole business - it just shouldn't be this hard.

Well, lots of disclaimers here because I really do have a *very* limited
understanding of how the whole conversion process works, but my advice
would be to check the .wnn documentation first and see if you can't tweak
your wnn initialization files to get the desired effect.

good luck.

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