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tlug: Word pro for Slackware?

	Does anyone know of a Japanese-capable word processor with MS Word filters that
will run on the Slackware distribution? Applixware Words J is the only Linux
word processor with Word filters that I've been able to find, but the Turbolinux
Japan site makes it quite clear that they don't support Applixware on other
distributions.   And the U.S. Applixware site says the non-Japanese version runs
only on the Caldera OpenLinux, Debian, RedHat, and SuSE Linux distributions.

I've downloaded the trial version of dpNote, but the documentation doesn't seem
to say anything about filters.

I suppose I could change distributions, but I like what I've seen of Slackware
and it getting it to handle Japanese was fairly painless.

Thanks for any advice,

Drew Poulin
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