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tlug: Problems with kinput2

  I just can't seem to tweak kinput2 into the shape I expect.
I was using it before with Wnn quite happily under Slackware 3.x, but
it just doesn't seem to work right under RedHat 6.0 .

  The problem is not input and kanji conversion itself, which appears
to be OK, but 'special' key combinations like <F5> for JIS code entry,
Meta+1 for katakana conversion, Shift+Esc for symbol entry.  None
of these work at all (although <F3> seems to work like <F5> should).

  By the way, to be specific, I'm using:


(I haven't tried kinput2-canna-wnn4-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm yet).

  I do hope someone has some ideas about this.  I'm quite thoroughly
fed up with the whole business - it just shouldn't be this hard.

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