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Re: tlug: Re: time and gnome (together)

On Fri, Nov 05, 1999 at 11:07:22AM +0900, Eric S. Standlee wrote:
> I may be totally wrong, but I think that both problems could be related.
> - I don't know if the man with the bad time on his laptop is running the
> RH gnome/enlightenment system
No, I'm not using RH, gnome, OR enlightenment. I'm running Debian potato
(er, mostly) with WindowMaker. I'm not sure what's causing the time
weirdnesses with my system, but I'm almost certain that it has absolutely
nothing to do with X or the windowmanager. I'd be willing to bet that in
your case, running the date command (or any other clock-ish program) would
give you the same lost time problem. I think the time problem is related to
apm hosing the system time. If your bios time is right, your system time
isn't, and there's no running that's resetting the bios clock to the system
time, then we probably *do* have the same or a similar time problem,
I'm pretty sure that upgrading gnome wouldn't fix this problem.

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