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Re: tlug: TV cards

At 15:36 99/11/5 +0900, you wrote:
> I read recently (and TOmita confirmed during the Akihabara tour) that ATI is 
> going to support LINUX soon. 

Indeed, their PR reads:
"- 3D development information for the RAGE(TM) Pro and RAGE(TM) 128 product
 - Video capture and TV-Tuner multimedia development information for the 
   RAGE(TM) II, RAGE Pro and RAGE 128 product families."

> BTTV - A Linux driver for Bt848/849/878/879 based frame grabbers

That's the driver developed by Marcus Metzler and his brother. It was
the topic of a TLUG meeting in the past, when Marcus was living
in Japan.

I have a Hauppauge PCI WinTV (Bt878-based) and it works fine (althought 
I use it only to capture images from the composite video input, didn't try 
to use the tuner yet -- need a longer coaxial cable for the antenna)

Other links of interest:

Video 4 Linux

Linux Support for TV cards

Matrox Marvel G200/Rainbow Runner Addon and
support in Linux via Video 4 Linux 1 and 2

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