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tlug: Re: time and gnome (together)

I may be totally wrong, but I think that both problems could be related.

I have to caveat this with several things:
- I haven't upgraded from gnome 1.0.4 to 1.0.53 yet, so I still get the
slow log in...
- I don't know if the man with the bad time on his laptop is running the
RH gnome/enlightenment system

Having said that, I had the time problem too.  I lost time on my
gnome-panel clock.  If I rebooted and checked the time in the bios
nothing had changed.  So, after watching it for a while I realized that I
lost time on my gnome-panel-clock after my system had gone into
suspend/standby via apmd and/or my bios setting (I don't know).

Does this make sense?  Is this also fixed in the gnome 1.0.53?

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