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RE: tlug: "What is Open Source?"

I wish I had this info friday...;-(  Did a lot of people attend? How was

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差出人 : Alberto Tomita <>
宛先 : <>
日時 : 1999年10月31日 1:33
件名 : tlug: "What is Open Source?"

>Just saw at
>TLUG member Hiroo Yamagata, known for his translations to
>Japanese of ESR essays, will be giving a talk at Hitotsubashi
>University today (10/31), from 2 to 4PM.
>For more info:

Next Technical Meeting: November 13 (Sat), 13:30 place: Temple Univ.
* Network Security                               speaker: Steve Baur
Next Nomikai: December 17 (Fri), 19:00 Tengu TokyoEkiMae 03-3275-3691
more info:        Sponsor: Global Online Japan

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