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tlug: GNU-GIS package

Hello all,

Just to share the news about a Geographic Information System (GIS)
software that has been released under GNU-GPL licence.

GRASS GIS (Geographic Resource Analysis Support System) is a
GIS with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics
production functionality that operates in the UNIX environment through
a graphical user interface and shell in X-Windows.

As of October 25, 1999, GRASS is released under the terms of the
Gnu General Public License (GPL). This makes GRASS the first fully
featured GIS that is released worldwide under the GPL.

GRASS is a powerful GIS package for those who may be interested
in spatial data management and analysis. The Japanese mirror
site is at

GRASS also provides an ablity to serve map information over the
network using the GRASSLinks interface. A simple demo of
this is at

Hope this info is of use to some on this list



Venkatesh Raghavan
Osaka City University

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