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RE: tlug: Re: (the unsightly non-MIME-decoded header)

>They do. They're kind of short and dense, but they do.

Now that one, I didn't know..;-)

>In order to join, you have to sign up (and pay up) for the Technical
>Conference. You're already late, so you must pay 4000Yen."

Yeah, I'm late 'cause I don't understand what they are asking...;-)  But
anyway, I think it would be possible to pay-up during the event itself..
Wouldn't it?  Seeing as to how, I'm already late and all...;-)

>Sign up at
>And then, if you want to come to the BOF session, also sign up at

I tried looking at it...  And I just decided, since I'm already late...  Why
rush it...;-)

>"Information Exchange among LUGs" You see, they are trying to establish
>a proper communication protocol among LUGs (LCP) to enhance
>communication and cooperation. The draft of the LCP is already in
>RFC2034, I think?

RFC2034?  SMTP Service Extension for Returning Enhanced Error Codes?

I haven't sen the LCP document...  I tried a search and I wasn't able to
find one...;-(  What stage is the process now?  Is it really in the RFCs?
or are the people involve still working on a draft?  I would like to take a
look at this document...  The best I could get out of LCP would be a Link
Control Protocol...;-)

Thanks in advance for any info..;-)


John Clark

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