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Re: tlug: To set the record straight.

Dear Yamashita-san,


Shimpei Yamashita wrote:

> Getting back to your problem, 2.0 kernels couldn't auto-recognize more
> than 64MB of RAM. Another problem may be that your machine doesn't
> quite recognize all 96MB of RAM. To solve the former problem, you
> upgrade to one of the 2.2.x kernels (anyone here running 2.2.13? has
> Linus finally gotten it right this time?); to solve the latter problem,
> try mem=95MB instead of 96. If neither of those work, well...I dunno.
> 64MB of RAM in Linux is still pretty comfy. :-) [1]

     Right, I will think about upgrading...
     Okay, 95 instead of 96. I think I will do everything I need.
     I know, 64MB is very comfy, I know that...but it is not a matter
     of being comfy or not, it is a matter of being impotent or not.
     Sorry. hahahahha
> Given that your computer has been working for five years (five...? Did
> they sell P120's five years ago?), the latter scenario is more likely
> to work. It is also possible, though, that you had a machine with
> corrupt memory all these years, and didn't notice it since Linux pushes
> RAM a lot harder than Windows.

    Well Pentium 120 existed wat too before that I believe....
    just my SE told me so...
    And that my friend is corrupted cannot be imagined, since from Win
    partion, the whole memory can be used.
> [1] In contrast, try getting any work done with 64MB in NT. Of course,
> one might say getting any work done with any amount of memory in NT is
> a trying experience in and out of itself. But I digress.

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