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Re: tlug: To set the record straight.

Hi Jonathan,

   Well, I kinda thought your case strange. Right, Linux runs,
there is no doubt about it.  But my machine which we have used
for the past five years is:
Pentium 120,
Cache 64K,
memory 96MB.

   But when I carefully read the first boot up message, it says
something like memory=64MB....(obviously nullifying the 32MB!!!).
So I want to use that 32MB, or any memory above 64MB. hmmmmmmmm
I put mem=96MB to boot up, but the ol'girl doesn't accept it....

Yong-Ming wrote with the subject(Re: tlug: To set the record straight.)
on Fri, 22 Oct 1999 18:21:45 +0900
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>Yong-Ming Hua ( wrote:
>> Hi, Yong-Ming again.
>>     I just want to set the record straight before my leg being pulled
>> by someone...
>>     I wanted ask, to use memory bigger than 64MB for Linux, I need
>> more than 512K cache onboard, right?
>My 80 meg/no cache machine runs Linux.

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