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More than 64MB memory (was Re: tlug: To set the record straight).

On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Yong-Ming Hua wrote:

>       But when I carefully read the first boot up message, it says
>    something like memory=64MB....(obviously nullifying the 32MB!!!).
>    So I want to use that 32MB, or any memory above 64MB. hmmmmmmmm
>    I put mem=96MB to boot up, but the ol'girl doesn't accept it....
>    somehow...

Try "mem=0x6000000"  !

I have been running with more than 64MB with mem=0x<whatever> for
several years now. My machine box has changed over the time but even
the present one having 160MB on board (PII-330Mhz) boots with the whole
memory accessable with append="meme=0x10000000" in lilo.conf. By the way
I am still running the good old 2.0.36.

Selva  A

P.S. Hope I got the number of zeroes right! 

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