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Re: tlug: To set the record straight.

Dear David,

    Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I have never known such a wonderful
mailing list before. To such a silly and rudimentary question as
mine lots of people have given so much help. I just cannot think
how to thank you all!!! 
    Yes, my BIOS says the machine can recognize 96MB... but when
gotten into Linux .......mode, the message says memory is 64MB.
And  /proc/kcore is (67112960 Oct 23 15:53 kcore).  Well I will just
try all I need and see how it works...


"J. David Beutel" wrote:
> Yes, as Yamashita-san says, there are two issues here.
> First, the BIOS must recognize the RAM above 64M and initialize
> the chipset to support that RAM, assuming the motherboard hardware
> can support it.  You should be able to confirm this from the
> POST diagnostic messages before LILO.
> Second, the Linux kernel must recognize that RAM.  I guess that
> the mem= argument is the solution to this second issue.
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