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tlug: Installing on notebook

>>>>> "Marcos" == Marcos Campos <> writes:

    Marcos> Do some one knows how to make it work? Even if I want to
    Marcos> install the Red Hat, there is some "secret" to make the
    Marcos> CD-Rom accessible before have the Linux installed?

This is where the Debian 8-floppy install starts to look really good.

A decent CD-ROM install ought to have a loadlin version; boot DOS or
windows, look at the CD, figure out where the bootable image and
initrd are, use loadlin to boot them, and pray that Red Hat got it
right and included a working version of the necessary PCMCIA drivers
to access your CD-ROM.  If you have a copy of loadlin on the CD-ROM,
the docs are probably nearby.  If you have it installed, they're
probably in /usr/doc/loadlin; there doesn't seem to be a man page for

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