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tlug: Installing on notebook

Hi everybody out there:

I'm new on Linux had it installed in my house for a couple of months now 
(Rh6.0+KDE) and I just bought a book about Caldera Linux that came with the 
Open Linux 2.2 and the new graphic installing interface and Partition Magic. 
So, the old idea to have Linux running in my note looked viable and I 
decided to give it a shot. My note is a Portege 3010 and the CD-Rom is 
external connected through a PCMCIA. The fact is that, despite I could 
partitioned the disk for Linux, I couldn't make the program recognize the 
CD-Rom during the instalation. The progam is aborted in the middle...

Do some one knows how to make it work? Even if I want to install the Red 
Hat, there is some "secret" to make the CD-Rom accessible before have the 
Linux installed?

Thanks in advance for any tip!

Marcos Pb

Marcos de Parahyba Campos
Ph.D. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
7-3 Kanagawa-ku Shirohatanishichou
Satsukisou 205 Yokohama
Japan 221-0074
Tel/FAX: 81+045-434-4490
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