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tlug: Re:Installing on Notebook

Thanks John,

I'd been on those HP before but both guys installed it through the 
I was tring a different apporach making a copy of the CD-Rom to my HD and 
tring to install from there. There is some instructions how to perform a DOS 
instalation, but a message of kernel panic appears on the screen saing that 
they cannot mount the root partition. Since all the files are on the W98 
partition I guess the installer is not able to see the Linux partition that 
I prepared. I guess I can pass some parameters to Lilo or to loadlin in 
order to solve this problem.

Anyway, the weekend is just around the corner and I will have more time for 

Marcos Pb

PS: As my BIOS is not CD-Rom bootable I had to make a boot disk and a module 
disk (because of PCMCIA) that, BTW, was working fine. When I tried this 
installation process, everything went well, the installer recognize the 
PCMCIA but NOT the CD-Rom connected on it and aborted the installation...

>Hmmm...  Interesting..
>have you tried looking into:
>       &
>And if you're CD-Rom is connected via PCMCIA, I think you'd need to use
>a boot disk with an image which supports PCMCIA devices...  But what do
>I know...;-)  Haven't tried it, so I can't really say for certain..;-)
>Good Luck!
>John Clark

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