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Re: tlug: Japanese emails and jlatex under RedHat 6.1

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 03:04:17PM +0900, Frank Bennett (フランクべネット ) wrote:
> Takes me right on back, that.  The one and only TUG annual meeting I have
> attended was at Birmingham (UK) where Omega was originally announced.  I
> remember the lead developer saying that he had taken a hint from Donald
> Knuth's earlier exit from TUG circles, and didn't plan to dedicate the
> remainder of his working life to creating font and spec files for use with
> the new baby.  It's great to hear that it's still alive, but I'd expect it
> to take awhile. TeXies count unintended offsets of a scaled point or more
> as bugs.[1]

Omega is up and running, and Omega *rocks*. It's lovely, it's beautiful,
it works extremely well - once you've got it properly installed, of
course. The latest version of the Omega style files (Lambda, the
LaTeX-on-Omega hack) was released not so long ago, and I was supposed to
translate the article announcing it; (Yannis Haralambous is one of the
developers. You can guess he's Greek.) I never finished doing the damned
thing, though.

I use Omega (well, Lambda) for all my Greek work, (naturally, it deals
*extremely* well with Greek) but I haven't yet tried it with Japanese;
I'm not aware of any Japanese input encodings for it, but that's not
to say that they don't exist - I just haven't looked. 

> If I recall correctly, the largest change over TeX to be introduced in
> Omega was to be in its handling of ligatures.

Sort of. It's not just ligatures, but a pretty nice text-processing
engine, OTP; instead of doing all the yukky LaTeX-like hackery to
uppercase a word, for instance, you just apply the uppercase OTP on
it, and it does the trick. This deals with ligatures as well, and
there's also something called OCP which deals with the input-encodings;
it's not just Unicode, but it's Unicode-aware. Most of my stuff goes
in in ISO-88*mumble*-7, for instance, and Omega copes perfectly fine
with it, converting it into what it wants to know about.

I've wandered so far off topic it's untrue. I'll shut up. 

"A mind is a terrible thing to have leaking out your ears."
-- The League of Sadistic Telepaths
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