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tlug: Next meeting 3/13

The next TLUG nomikai meeting will be held on 3/19, 
riday, at the usual place (Tengu Tokyo eki-mae).

I'd like to remind that the Linux World Conference
and Expo in Japan (LWCJ) will take place at the Tokyo
International Forum on 3/18-19, and Tengu is just
a 10min walk from there. We expect people who attend
the LWCJ on 3/19 to come to our nomikai afterwards.

Also, this will be a TLUG/LLUG joint-nomikai. 

What's LLUG? It's the "Ladies' Linux Users Group"
(now I got your attention :) and word is spreading 
fast among the Linux community in Japan. YLUG 
(the Yokohama Linux Users Group) already expressed
their interest in joining us at Tengu.

For more info about the LWCJ, check their web page:

Oliver Bolzer, TLUG Japanese liaison, will be there
covering the event. BTW, thanks Oliver, for having
contacted the LLUG. And I should mention that now he
also is the Editor of the "Linux Japan Express" 
newsletter (in Japanese).

Next Nomikai: March 19 (Fri), 19:30  Tengu TokyoEkiMae 03-3275-3691
Next Technical Meeting: April 10 (Sat), 12:30   place: Temple Univ.
more info:                     Sponsor: PHT

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