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Re: tlug: Locale problem

tlug note from Totoro <>
>tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>    Totoro> installed it. After exporting the language this time, the
>    Totoro> perl errors disappeared. Have to check those rpm's more
>Which is why switching to Debian made sense for me.  Debian messes up
>occasionally, but when they do (1) you can fix it by hand[3], and (2)
>they seem to be a lot more careful about dependencies than is

Well, in cases such as mine, it was not RedHat, but folks who had
made rpm's on their own and sent them in to the ftp site. Perhaps
the RH people are not screening these. I don't know. I've noticed
recently that there have been increasing oddities (such as failing
to install due to lack of "/bin/sh", which obviously exists). Is
Debian better at checking for this, or are the debian users who
create .deb packages doing better?

>Footnotes: [5]
>[1]  That system is on a hard drive no longer available after a 3-day
>scheduled University-wide power out.  I forgot, but sheesh, sometimes
>one starts to believe one is living in a 1st world economy.

Sure it is; it just doesn't operate under the suppositions that we
bring from "gai-atsu-driven" 1st-world economies...  ;->

>[5]  If you like these footnotes, you should be using XEmacs 20.3!

Is it really different from 20.2?

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