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tlug: Aterm IT65Pro DSU

tlug note from "Francks Trane (Tokyo PO)" <>

Hi, gang.

I just got an Aterm IT65Pro DSU that I'm going to be
using to give our LAN access to the 'net. I'll be using
it in combination with a Hayes ESP card tuned at
230.4 kbps for multilink-PPP.

In random testing, I tried connecting with the card to
my provider (GOL), but couldn't get to a login prompt.
I haven't got the ESP card yet, so I was only using
minicom locked at 115.2 kbps. Anyway, I could get
minicom to dial and would see CONNECT 64000,
but nothing came after that. Pressing '+++' drops
me into command mode, and from there I can ath
to hang up. Just no login prompt....

Is this normal behaviour if I'm not running at 230.4 k?
Intuition says no, but I've been wrong before. Intuition
(and modem experience) tells me that the DTE link
and DCE link operate independently and I should see
a GOL login prompt even if I've locked the port at
300. The link that occurs over the ISDN operates
at its rate, and the TA/DSU talks to the 'puter at the
rate determined by the port speed on the 'puter.

Certainly, I don't have to autobaud!

What init string should I be using in my connect
script for diald? I've settled on the following as best I
could figure out....


Has anybody used one of these things with Linux?
If so, how did you configure everything?


trane (plugged into analog A - but a rock-steady 33.6k :-)

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