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tlug: Linux on IBM Thinkpad 230Cs?

tlug note from "Francks Trane (Tokyo PO)" <>

Hi, gang.

I've got a Thinkpad 230Cs that much of the time gathers
dust. Has anybody on the list installed Linux on this particular
model and gotten it to work? If so, I'd love to get the necessary
info to ensure:

* HDD parms are properly specified/detected
* PCMCIA cards work (MegaHurts[sic] XJ-3288P and Planet Ethernet)
* X runs at 640x480, 8 bpp
* Gimme sound for Xdoom and/or Sdoom

FWIW, the unit has 20MB RAM, 540MB HDD, and a
i486DX2-50 CPU. If I can get it working, that'd make a
dandy play toy on the on road. It'd be lovely to get rid of
Windows 95.


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