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Re: tlug: Linux on IBM Thinkpad 230Cs?

tlug note from
Hi Francks, all,

I tried on a Thinkpad230cs at my office (without getting permission)
an install of slackware 3.2.  It did go well using a Ratok SCSI
card for CD-ROM connection.  I used a boot disk for PCMCIA and installed
the kernel from the boot disk.  I have not played enough since at the
daytime I should pretend using Windows <g>.

According to the compatibility list (,
Planet SmartCOM2000 and 3500 should work.  Adachi (the page owner) says
all modem card should work.

FYI my (office's) TP230cs is a modified one with 5x86-133 and 1.4G
HDD.  The firm who did the modification said there is updated BIOS
released from IBM.

Good luck.

Ken Harada (原田 健)
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