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Re: tlug: Linux on IBM Thinkpad 230Cs?

tlug note from Yong-Ming Hua <>
Hi, I am Yong-Ming enjoying Linux with ThinkPad230Cs.

Francks Trane (Tokyo PO) wrote:
> * HDD parms are properly specified/detected

the result of fdisk was 32 heads, 63 sectors, 525 cylinders.
you should use this geometry to boot Linux wih loadlin. Without
this(perhaps this is only for certain IBM machines) you never
get loadlin work all right.

> * PCMCIA cards work (MegaHurts[sic] XJ-3288P and Planet Ethernet)

I am using Accton, and that works quite all rihgt. You can check card
options in hardware option files.. I guess there should be no problem
with your card. 

> * X runs at 640x480, 8 bpp

ThinkPad230Cs is a funny machine. It never runs X all right without
a bit of work.

     1)Install XF86_SVGA as usual.
     2)Make XF86Config as usual.
     3)Make sure X doesn't run all right by startx.
               * You have a nice ghost on the display.
                 It will never disappear whatever setting you make.
     4)Customize XF86_SVGA as follows,
     a) patch /usr/X11R6/lib/Server/drivers/vga256/cirrus/cir_driver.c
    <               new->std.MiscOutReg |= 0x0c;
    >               new->std.MiscOutReg &= 0xF3;
     b) get rid of useless video chip items from
        and just leave cirrus and generic.
        (it looks like
     #define XF86SvgaDrivers    cirrus   generic
     /* The SVGA colour server */
     #define XF86SVGAServer     YES
     /* The 16-colour VGA server */
     #define XF86SVGAServer     NO

          and NO for the rest.)
     c)Make a backup file of the orinigal XF86_SVGA just in case.
     d)cd /usr/X11R6/lib/Server
     g)make install
     h)make clean
and not startx.
     but still you have a problem. X window has a black belt uderneath.
Set the virtual display 800x570 instead of 800x600.
Now you should be all right. You can use X with virtual 800x570 with 250

But if you want to fix X window to 640x480 only, there is a way.
There is a XF86_VGA made by some one I cannot remember but I have
the file. If you want that way, drop me a line. Yeah, might be better
than virtual 800x570. MInd you, you never be able to make X run with
normal way with ThinkPad230Cs.

> * Gimme sound for Xdoom and/or Sdoom

I am so sorry I never play games and doesn't use sound. You need
someone else to fix the problem.

> FWIW, the unit has 20MB RAM, 540MB HDD, and a
> i486DX2-50 CPU. If I can get it working, that'd make a
> dandy play toy on the on road. It'd be lovely to get rid of
> Windows 95.

Good News. You have 2GB harddisk for ThinkPad230Cs. You can
get it from IBM as well as Toshiba. But to install a sardine tin
into a lunch box is not so simple. FYI, the harddisk is 31,000yen.
If you have the disk installed by PCKoubou at T-Zone Minamikan
at Akihabara, it will cost you 67,800yen. But mind you, don't
buy the IBM disk. The location of screw slots is different. I
bought IBM but had an awful difficulty installing it without
fixing it not with screws but with bluetac!  

Good Luck,
_/Yong-Ming Hua: 1)  2)
_/Tamagawa University and  University of Electro-Communications   _/
_/Tel:Japan-0427-39-8132 Fax:Japan-0427-39-8845(Tamagawa)         _/
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