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RE: tlug: EB Reading S/W??

tlug note from "A.Tomita,Jr." <>
> Sorry. They enable the little EB CDROMs to be read from Whinedoze
> programs. Some even let you copy an EB to hard disk, and switch between
> them, thus freeing up the CD-reader. There are Mac programs to do it too.
> Someone has suggested "dserver-2.0". Has anyone on tlug experience with
> it?

I have dserver running on a SPARCstation (running SunOS). It serves
requests from the clients in its access list.. There is a text-based client
to be run in a shell, and a Lisp program that enables dictionary searches
from a Emacs window (and it works with the Emacs included in the Linux-JE).

One limitation: according to the dserver documentation, it was tested only
with the Kenkyusha's J-E/E-J dictionaries and another one that I don't
remember now.
There is no guarantee it can read other EBs. 

Included with Linux-JE there is also a stand-alone EB reader, "dic". It
in a kanji shell (kterm or kon), but neither dserver nor dic can display

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