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Re: tlug: HP Laserjet 4LJ

tlug note from Totoro <>
>I really appreciate you taking the time to reply on this. If there are
>any further areas to look at I'd love to know. It's just a drag now and
>with classes going full speed ahead it's hard to sit down and try to
>tune this up.

After looking at this, I think it seems rather abrupt. I don't mean
to imply that I'm  just sitting here waiting for someone to solve all
life's mysteries for me. It's just that I don't have time to sit here
all day to try to figure them out like I did a couple weeks ago. :-)

Still reading up on it when I can, but also asking just in case...

David Riley
Hachinohe Institute of Technology
88-1, Myo, Ohbiraki  Hachinohe-shi  Aomori-ken  031

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