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Re: tlug: Mac/PC/Unix -->WinNT

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Anil" == Anil  <> writes:

    Anil> Has anyone else read April 1997's BYTE?
[ snip ]
    Anil> The article was *really good*!!!  Breif summary: You can use
    Anil> a 386 with 1 meg to connect to WinNT.  20 users can connect
    Anil> to a pentium pro with 64 megs (each user gets a personal
    Anil> environment).  NT has multi processing built in, and
    Anil> Citrix's WinFrame software extends it to multi-users!

Is this news?  I always assumed this was possible under NT; I just
detest undocumented .ini files too much to try NT again (besides the
fact that the first public release of Windows NT remains the only
software, including viruses, that has ever unrecoverably trashed my
hard drive).

What would be news is if you could send MS-Windows over the network
the way you can send X Windows.  Although Mathematica has a provision
for running the Mathematica kernel on a server, as far as I know that
works by sending the results over the net, and the window is generated
locally by the Mathematica front end.

If what they're doing is to create the MS equivalent of the X server,
and a DLL or something to suck up MS-Windows protocol on the NT box
and spit it out over the net, that's pretty cool.  But about 15 years


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